Do I have to be part of a team?
NO, not for 2021. For some missions you for sure will need to be more people, but if you want to be on your own and borrow in friends for those missions it is ok. Every entering team can be between 1 and 8 members.

Is this a competition?
It is – only if you want it to be. And if it is, it’s a video competition where you mostly challenge yourselves. But of course you want to get most the points don’t you ;).

Will there be a prize for the winner(s)?
Smiles, glory and eternal greatfulness from everyone watching your contribution ;). We, the organizers, are doing this for the fun of it. If we manager to hook up with a sponsor a long the way that can make prizes possible we are more than happy to give prizes to the winner(s)!

Do we have to succeed with all the categories/tricks?
NO! You do only what you want and manage. You’re in it for the fun of it, not as a competition.

How is the points counted?
You get scored for every successful mission, however you only get to count the highest successfully done score of the specific trick.
As an example, under the category Old School you have a trick called Board Off. When your team has successfully done a One Footer on camera, you get scored 2p. But if you later succeed with a Board Off which is under the same trick, you get total of 4p, not 2+4p.
This means that the Old School category can give a total of 18p (Jesus walks, 8p + Board off Megaloop 10p).
Every team will get a login to a page where you tick off your done missions and the scores will be calculated automatically for you. So it’s really easy to keep count and see progress.

Can I combine two tricks in one?
Yes for sure! For example, you can do Ride in a pool with No harness and get 4+2p for that. But you are not allowed to get points more than one time for each trick. So next time if you ride with No harness and do a High five, you can’t count No harness again.

Do I have to travel somewhere to participate?
NO! This is a video challenge/competition. You ride and film on your local spot or wherever you are in the world and when you’re done send in a video of your missions. No need to travel anywhere specific.

When is the final date of submission?
October 10th, 2021.

Can we post teasers along the way?
Yes! Please do. We do want people to see teasers of what’s to come. Otherwise it will be a long wait for all of us ;).
Use the hashtags #thekitegames and #thekitegames2021

How many riders do we need in the team?
1-8 riders in each team.

Will you as oranizers participate?
Yes, most likely. We want to have fun too! We will for sure post our attempts and progression to give you some laughs and inspiration 😉
But we won’t be counted as a team when announcing winners.

Were do we upload our video?
Easiest is to use the big platforms for that – YouTube or Vimeo. Make sure to password protect them and send us the link and the password so we can review them. We will try to release all submissions at the same time.

Will there be a new version next year?
We sure hope so! We already have a lot more missions for you in the bank!