The Kite Games 2020 are over! Big thanks to all the teams, supporters, sharers, parents, filmers, kite launchers and everyone else that made this possible for all! ❤️

Hopefully we will be back next year, if the kiteboarders of the world want a second edition 😉

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Are you ready for the Kite Games 2020?

The Kite Games is just that – a game for us kitesurfers, a game to have fun, challenge yourselves and share the stoke. It’s a video entry challenge and you enter the game as a team and you film each other trying to cross of a list of missions from a selection of categories. Do as much or as little as you want, wherever in the world you are, create a video of your missions and send us the link.


Share your crashes, progression and missions along the way with the #thekitegames2020 hashtag on social media. But remember, don’t share the whole stoke before the end date of submission. We plan to release all submissions on Septemeber 16th! And then let a small jury together with the audience vote on the winner(s).

Everyone can participate!

You do NOT have to be a pro to participate! You do NOT have to travel to a specific destination. The goal is to have fun and create a bunch of interesting videos for the world to enjoy. Also we will have 3 category of riders; Pros, Advanced and Enthusiasts.

Have fun, film when you are doing it, stay safe, stay local and share the stoke!

Nations represented so far

New Zealand Lithuania


Yes! Sign us up now!

News and updates

Final day!

Today is the final day to send in your videos to us at The Kite Games. Upload your edit to YouTube, set it to UNLISTED under privacy and send the link to the video to Read more…

NEW – Leaderboard We are stoked to announce that we have released a leaderboard where everyone can follow and see the progress of the teams points. Every team gets a login to the checklist and the leaderboard Read more…